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About Me

This is Vishal Bhardwaj founder of Bazaar Investor and an investor in Indian Share Market. I use this platform to share my notes and experiences which I learned through my investment journey.
I am not a day trader but sometimes like to pick short term bets. If you are here for day trading tips then you entered at wrong place. 

My Skills for Investing

I am not CA person but Law graduate.
Not mastered at Excel Sheet.
Not an advanced Mathematician but I have science background during school times. Last time when I touched math - during my board exams.
I love reading about companies and investing in stocks is by product of it.


"Of course yes..... my first girlfriend, my love Stock Market "
"ssshhhhh........don't tell this to Vijay Kedia"

My Gurus

I am not lucky enough to meet them personally but thanks to internet, you tube and of course thanks to my gurus who shared their investment experience in their various interviews.
I am hardcore follower of Porinju Veliyath's quote "be stock picker".
Also I can't afford to miss any chance to listen these personalities:- Warren Buffett, Chandrakant Sampat, Raamdeo Agrawal, Vijay Kedia, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Nilesh Shah, Ramesh Damani. 
If you offer to watch (i) wonderful super duper hit movie and (ii) extremely boring interviews of these personalities, unhesitatingly I prefer second one.

Books I Swallowed

The Intelligent Investor
Security Analysis
The Warren Buffett Portfolio
Common stocks Uncommon Profits
Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of financial statements
Warren Buffett letters to shareholders

When you spend lots of  your time into law college then throwing warnings becomes part of your life. So these warnings for you "you find our conversation very interesting if we already know each other, you get bored if we talk for the very first time. If you want any advice then read Disclaimer first."

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My Investments and COVID-19

Everyone has witnessed huge market decline in the month of March when our PM Narendra Modi suddenly announced lockdown to tackle covid pandemic. Sensex stock market index reached all time high of 42273.87 in January of 2020 and from there it fallen down to below 26000 pts, nearly 40 % down. And from there it started healing. My Investments and COVID-19 Before this great fall my all investments were in undervalued stocks with very low P/E multiple, attractive earnings and exciting track record. Thanks to this quality stocks my own portfolio fall nearly 22 %. Although my 22% of capital vanished, I feel very delighted my portfolio beaten the market index(Sensex down nearly 40%) with significant points.  In the last year of your college generally you are not backed with huge capital support, and your capital is very limited. So securing capital is my first priority. Back on the track, I sold all the stocks with 22 % capital loss and secured rest of the principle capital

Why some investors give stocks so high PE?

PE ratio also known as Price to Earning ratio and the most popular ratio among the investors. They use this to identify undervalued or overvalued stocks.  we already covered what is PE ratio and how you can utilize this ratio, if you want to learn about this then simply click here . The very basic logic behind PE is, If earnings low then PE high and If earning high then PE low. In general parlance if stocks PE high then it considered as overvalued and if stock comes with low PE then it considered as undervalued. Generally people avoid investing in stocks with high PE but everything comes with exceptions.  Stocks with high PE means "people and investors are willing to pay high prices for low earning stocks". Why people or investor doing so ? there can be various reason behind this, after all its a stock market and everyone have their own perception. Reasons can vary person to person. There can be various reason for paying high PE stocks and one reason can be,  Investors are ve

What Warren Buffett said on fear and greed ?

What Warren Buffett said on fear and greed ? In his 1986 annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway's shareholder Buffett said very interesting thing about fear and greed. He also accepting that anticipating market is always out of his circle of competence. For me these lines are the best lines of 1986 letter. So I putting whole para as it is in front of you. please read- "What we do know, however, is that occasional outbreaks of those two super-contagious diseases, fear and greed, will forever occur in the investment community. The timing of these epidemics will be unpredictable. And the market aberrations produced by them will be equally unpredictable, both as to duration and degree. Therefore, we never try to anticipate the arrival or departure of either disease. Our goal is more modest: we simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful."